Why would I choose to like men?

I was scrolling Instagram like any avid social media user, and I came across someone saying, “Let me explain why I’m against the LGBT+ community.”

She went on about how we aren’t born gay, but that we choose to be gay (and much more hateful language). Why would I ever choose to be attracted to dirty, sweaty, argumentative, obnoxious men? Do you think I want to deal with consistent heartbreak and hookup culture? Most certainly not.

Don’t worry, I love men deep down. But some of the ignorance of the world becomes draining overtime. I think what also bothers me is when there are serious causes out there or a community needs help, there won’t be any outcry. But when a hateful belief is spewed, that’s when some people speak up the loudest.

I would write more, but breakfast is calling me.


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