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#7 Why do we do what we do? RelationFix

Understanding why we do what we do all comes down to our needs. What are our basic needs as a human being, and how do they drive us? We also welcome Frank back for a super special guest appearance to talk about this interesting and deep subject. You won't want to miss the fun, growth, and insightful conversation on this episode of RelationFix. Resources: Tony Robbins: 6 human needs: why are they so important? ( Johan Hari Ted Talk: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory (   Spheres of influence Worksheet ( Human Needs Exercise Example: Below are the numbers from the episode on a sample sheet for the exercise with Shana and Melissa. Melissa was asked in post-production what her numbers were, and they are reflected on the sheet.                               Shana         Shana as Melissa        Melissa (real numbers) Certainty/Comfort     9                       10                          10 Variety/Variability      6                        7                            8 Significance               8                        9                            9 Love/Connection      6                        10                          10 Growth                      9                        10                          10 Contribution             7                         9                            10   Host: Shana Dubay Guest: Frank DiLuzio Music: ROA *Check out our podcast website: *Follow us on Instagram: *And TikTok:    
  1. #7 Why do we do what we do?
  2. #6 Relationship Case Study: Gene and Debbie
  3. #5 Trust: Tiny Word, Big Deal
  4. #4 You Are Valued and Appreciated
  5. #3 Core Beliefs

My friend Shana and I have been working on a new podcast called, “RelationFix,” and we officially launched last week. We both went to school for Psychology (she became the therapist, I did not), and we have a passion for helping others.

If you could check out the show, give us a follow, share episodes with loved ones, rate the podcast, any and all of that would be amazing. Honest feedback is also encouraged.


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