To The Moon

I will be able to look back at this time,
and be proud of myself.
My words weren’t angry;
My heart was open.
I buckled pride into the backseat
because it would have made
the collision worse.
Misunderstandings were our secret sauce,
but I wanted a different recipe.
An outcome greater than the both of us.
You didn’t need grace,
But I was willing to give it.
Querido niño hermoso,
Be you and not your darkness.
For you were the stars in my night sky,
guiding me back to me.

2 responses to “To The Moon”

  1. May we all strive to look back at our struggles with pride,
    And choose to lead with open hearts and grace on our side.
    For in doing so, we may find a recipe for growth and healing,
    And discover the stars that guide us back to our true being. Thank you for the reminder, dear writer, to choose love over pride,
    And to see the beauty in those who may be struggling inside.


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