Love By Night by S.K. Williams

rating: 3/5

Young love and codependency stuck out to me as I read “Love By Night” by S.K. Williams. While this book took me much longer than it should have to read, I’m being a little generous with my rating. It’s not a bad read, but it will not pull your heart in multiple directions.

I enjoyed that the poetry had two points of view and crafted more of a story versus throwing many poetry pieces together. If you’re not following carefully, it becomes confusing as to who is who in each poetry piece.

It’s nice to see that the relationship wasn’t about tearing one another down or pointing out each other’s faults but coming together and building a relationship. However, the poetry needs to improve on creating depth and passion. Love is a powerful emotion; use that strength and let it flow throughout the book instead of giving some repetitive passages that scratch the surface of what love in high school felt like.

The illustrations on the pages are beautiful. I recommend this book if you’re new to romance poetry, liked some of Rupi Kaur’s work, or think seeing a giraffe on roller skates would be cool.

Here is my star breakdown:
Entertainment: 1/2 star
Characters: 1/2 star
Plot: 1/2 star
Writing Style: 1/2 star
Finished Product: star


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